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MARS: Humanity's Most Dangerous Mission

Mars has been a staple of science fiction for hundreds of years. We've been looking up forever, but is this actually a reasonable destination? It's our most dangerous mission we've ever encountered, but the upside is tremendous.


  Earth Mars
Average Distance from Sun 93 million miles 142 million miles
Diameter 7,926 miles 4,220 miles
Tilt of Axis 23.5 degrees 25 degrees
Length of Year 365.25 Days 687 Earth Days
Length of Day 23 hours 56 minutes 24 hours 37 minutes
Gravity 2.66 times that of Mars 0.375 that of Earth
Temperature Average 57 degrees F Average -81 degrees F
Atmosphere nitrogen, oxygen, argon, others mostly carbon dioxide, some water vapor
Number of Moons 1 2

Mission To Mars

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