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The Science of Lust

The Science of Lust
Lust – what triggers it? Once triggered, lust can play a huge part in your behavior and not only sexually.


Throughout this documentary various scientific experiments are played out to try to determine how lust affects everyday decisions and behavior. Both men and women are seen to be affected by lust though in slightly different ways.

Men are much more visually stimulated than women. When certain backdrops with images of woman are used to such as sunglasses, men in particular are prone to being affected in their buying choices.

Both genders experience bodily arousal from certain images but it is men who say they are turned on in their minds as well. Women say it is mostly just their bodies and that many images have the opposite affect on their minds.

Creativity is enhanced and so is kindness when you are slightly aroused. Simple things like a glance, a pretty smile or a great body, leave people feeling a certain way. Now, we can see that those feelings affect the way you act. So, does lust control you? Are you able to control it? In The Science of Lust these questions are further explored and addressed.


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