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Sexual Education Show uncensored

Hosted by straight-talking Anna Richardson, this series aims to improve the nation's carnal knowledge by offering candid advice on a wide range of sexual issues and problems.


Episode 1

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Episode 2

The show visits York High to teach pupils about male puberty. And Anna Richardson shows some parents how easy it is to log into online chat rooms with shocking conversations and content.


Episode 3

Straight-talking Anna Richardson presents the series that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about sex. This programme explores childbirth.


Episode 4

Anna Richardson goes on an emotional ride when she takes a fertility test, reveals the shocking truth about men's lack of genital hygiene and investigates perfume's ability to attract men.


Episode 5



Episode 5

Straight-talking Anna Richardson investigates contraceptive methods, meets a teenage girl who's had 60 sexual partners and gets a group of teenagers to change a baby's nappy.


Episode 6

In the final programme of the series, a group of teenagers get a sex education lesson with a difference: their parents are doing the teaching.


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