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Beaten By My Boyfriend - Stacey Dooley Investigates

Beaten By My Boyfriend - Stacey Dooley Investigates
Stacey Dooley goes behind closed doors and speaks to the now younger face of domestic violence.


She questions victims and abusers to try and understand how deep the issues surrounding domestic abuse are for those who have survived and those currently experiencing the abuse.

Stacey joins the Lancashire police as they deal with their 9,000 domestic abuse cases per year, as well as getting exclusive access to the national centre of domestic violence and their frontline order server, as he comes face to face with abusers.


Every 60 seconds the British police receive a 999 call to a domestic violent incident. Although constantly in the news, abuse within intimate relationships is often kept secret.


Many people believe it only happens to older, married women, but girls aged 16 to 24 are as, if not more, likely to experience violence from their boyfriends than their adult counterparts.


With one in four women in the UK suffering abuse from their partner or ex-partner in their lifetime, and one in six men in the UK having experienced domestic abuse, Stacey wants to find out whether there's any way to break the cycle of violence. She visits one of the few perpetrator reform programmes in the UK, and gets to quiz the home secretary Theresa May in a rare interview.



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