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Richard Dawkins God Delusion Debate Religion

Richard Dawkins God Delusion Debate Religion Full Documentary

Richard Dawkins Delivering The God Delusion Public Lecture


1. The God Delusion Public Lecture

2. Is The Bible Still Relevant Today

3. The Big Debate on BBC



Is The Bible Still Relevant Today - [THE BIG QUESTIONS]


Big Debate on Religion (BBC1)

Richard Dawkins, Jonathan Dimbleby on the Big Debate BBC. a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain's schools.


The role of religion in education is a subject rarely out of the headlines. Despite Britain's multi-faith society, schools are still required to include a collective act of worship of a Christian nature, while faith schools and religious academies have raised fears about community cohesion and covert selection.


Claims by some religious educationalists that faith is the best way to teach moral values is challenged by others in schools who believe religious morality to be outdated and dangerous.


Dimbleby is joined by Professor Richard Dawkins, Schools Select Committee chairman Barry Sheerman MP, and a multi-faith studio


Documentary About Richard Dawkins

The Root of All Evil?, later retitled The God Delusion, is a television documentary written and presented by Richard Dawkins in which he argues that humanity would be better off without religion


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